Aerial Scanning

Today, real-time reliable aerial scanning and imaging have become an important tool in law enforcement, emergency response, disaster relief operations, and critical infrastructure surveillance.


Team-Based Missions

Allow uncompromised and unhindered exchange of information and video in mission-critical operations where lives matter and anything less than real-time low-latency communications is not an option.  Solutions include applications for Emergency Response Teams such as Police and Fire Response. Insyab’s AirFabric technology features small form factor designs making it fit for bodycams and robocams.

Wireless VR/AR

Allow for a fully immersive  multi-player experience the way it’s meant to be, tether free!

Virtual reality applications will demand the support for multi-player / multi-user scenarios. Insyab’s AirFabric caters for real-time high-bandwidth wireless connectivity enabling multi-user virtual reality setups. Users can roam freely within a playfield while enjoying powerful graphics where visual processing is offloaded to powerful compute engines.

How Can We Help?

Insyab offers software and hardware development services as well as non-recurring engineering services that are aimed at facilitating a gear maker’s plans to quickly ship new products to the market.

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