is an award-winning Mobile Ad-Hoc Networking (MANET) technology offering the most scalable and lowest end-to-endlatency solution on the market. AirFabric™ features the industry’s first full-duplex and fully autonomous routing MANET solution.

enabling real-time communication when it really matters.

Compared to other mesh technologies, using AirFabric™ allows to cut the execution time of multi-agent missions by 45% while delivering 30% more data.  

AirFabric™ is a stand-alone technology that does not rely on cellular infrastructure, thus making it perfect for mission-critical applications using a team of robotic agents.

Unlike conventional mesh network technologies, AirFabric™ does not utilize classical time-consuming and resource-hungry routing methods. Our patent-pending routing technology allows each device to make the wisest routing decision on its own, therefore freeing up network resources for actual data delivery. AirFabric™ is built around the use of a novel many-to-many cooperative communications paradigm which makes most optimal use of spectral resources.

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AirFabric™ Features

4X latency reduction

Optimized for the lowest latency in the market.

2X longer battery lifetime

Highly energy efficient blending itself to small form factor designs.

4X more devices

Easily expandable network size for any requirement.

2X more throughput per device

and even better for video broadcast applications.

AirFabric™ features a full-duplex OFDM transceiver design to deliver unmatched throughput and latency performance. The hardware-proven and field-tested design features the use of a compact PHY design yet with a powerful FEC. A proprietary channel equalization technique allows to handle highly mobile applications. AirFabric™ offers unmatched latency performance for multi-agent systems requiring persistent broadcast of images, attributes, and control parameters across the network:

Ultra-low latency is paramount as it allows drones and robots to quickly coordinate their motion trajectories, avoid collisions, and communicate back to the command center to ensure the success of the mission. In contrast, latency in other standardized and propriety technologies grows at an exponential rate jeopardizing the underlying mission.

Machine Vision

Working with its partners, Insyab has also developed machine vision capabilities that can be bundled with its connectivity solution. Initial focus is on vehicles detection and tracking capabilities. Other than conventional classification based on size, our machine vision solution classifies vehicles according to model and year of make. All computation runs at the edge on board of a compact computing device.

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